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Help Pooi Nie raise money

For participating in Headache on the Hill

My Story…

Migraine is the second most disabling disease in the world, affecting millions of people, yet it continues to be grossly underfunded.

I am so participating in the WALK, RUN OR JUST RELAX virtual fundraising event to raise awareness and funds for the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA). This is a first for me, and I’d really appreciate your support

Migraine has been part of my life for over 20 years. When my condition escalated to chronic migraine, it crushed my career. I was plagued by chronic pain, brain fog, guilt, and declining confidence. I felt isolated, and knew little about migraine and how it was affecting my health. It wasn’t until I started working for the Migraine World Summit about 4 years ago, that I began to learn about the complexity of this neurological disease. With the support of a migraine neurologist, and by combining preventive and acute medications, I have cut my monthly migraine days from over 15, to about 7. It's still 7 too many, which is why this cause means so much to me.

Unfortunately I haven’t escaped the common medication side effect of weight gain, and this has created problems for my osteoarthritic knee. A specialist put me on an intermittent fasting Ketogenic diet, and told me to swap the gym for a spin bike. Both have proved challenging, with migraine attacks often interrupting progress, and consequently affecting my motivation. As I wondered about how to participate in this event, a little spark of excitement grew into a spin bike challenge....


(June 23-30)

THANK YOU!!! To all who have donated so far, your love and support have meant SO much to me. I’ve been blown away & have loved reading your messages of support. Your generosity helped me blitz my initial goal of 500 USD, which was met and exceeded on the first day. Now, you’ve smashed my second goal of 1500 USD, so in the spirit of “every $ counts” I am extending the fundraising fun and shooting for a new goal of 2,000 USD.

If you’re only just reading about this, it’s not too late to donate! The event starts tomorrow June 23, and does not end until June 30.

So, the COUNTDOWN has now begun - in about 4 hours, the WALK, RUN OR JUST RELAX virtual fundraising event will begin in Sydney Australia, and my 100km ride will start! As it turns out, June has been a shocker of a migraine month for me, and I’ve not been able to train, so wish me extra luck! You can follow my event progress on Instagram & Facebook if you’re interested. 

Thank you! Pooi Nie xox

Donate to help Pooi Nie raise money for Headache on the Hill’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 28 ian chambers $107.35
Jun 27 Karen A Good luck on the last leg of your ride! $25.00
Jun 26 Mike Good luck PooiNie! 😉👍 $11.50
Jun 26 Robertson Juliette Good on you Pooi Nie! Hope this helps a bit. Xxx $27.48
Jun 22 Debbie Graham Great fundraising. Good luck. X $27.48
Jun 22 Anonymous Champion on, Pooi Nie Undisclosed amount
Jun 21 Alan & Susie Bardwell Happy to support this great cause! $54.10
Jun 13 Thomas Liew Love you Pooi nie, awesome cause. $107.35
Jun 09 SangHee Thank you for your service. $27.48
Jun 09 Mattie Fares $54.10