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My Story…

There are millions of people still struggling with one of the most difficult conditions I've ever had to fight. Headache on the Hill could be one of the most important initiatives to change policy, research and funding toward a migraine cure. 

Being physically active has been an important big part of my remission from chronic migraine and overall health. While I've been very fortunate to have my migraine condition under control, my physical activity has been limited. 

For the last two years, a knee injury has limited my activities and also meant that squatting to pick up my young child is accompanied by pain and discomfort. 

After taking a break from all running and knee-intensive activity for 6 months I still didn't get any improvement. Since January I've been steadily working on a rehab program and have fortunately made progress. Part of the rehab is walking backward uphill, then adding weights slowly to increase resistance. 

My personal challenge will be for me to pull my own bodyweight in weights walking backward (using a sled) for 1 km within a week.

If successful it will mean I will be able to squat down to play with my son, lift him up more often to hold him, and walk upstairs without pain. 

This challenge will be completed by June 30th - I still have plenty of training to do between now and then!

Please support me in this personal challenge which goes to a very worthy cause - Headache on the Hill. Every donation helps, no matter how small. (Please note: amounts are in USD)

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May 17 Pooi Nie Carl, it's impossible not to want to support you with such an inspiring story and personal challenge! $100.00